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World's Most Beautiful Salt Mines

Some of the world's greatest views aren't found at the top of a mountain or sailing toward the sea's horizon. Deep underground, the beauty of salt mines await discovery. Whether you are traveling for salt therapy, adventure, or just want to take in the majesty of a private world, these are some of the most beautiful salt mines in the world.

Cardona Salt Mountain
About 60 miles from Barcelona sits Cardona Salt Mountain, one of the largest geological formations of its kind. After the mine closed in the early 1990s, the excavation site was opened to tourists...

Soligorsk Salt Mine
Opened in 1949, this mine was notable for its salt that contained high levels of potash (salts that contain water-soluble potassium). One of the five excavation chambers opened here in the last 50 years is still in use to collect minerals, but the rest have been transformed for halotherapy, or salt therapy...

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá
Just outside of Bogota lies the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, built in 1932. This church built more than 200 yards underground receives nearly 3,000 visitors every Sunday. Though not officially recognized by the Catholic Church as a cathedral since it has no Bishop, it is still a place of pilgrimage for many visitors to the area...

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