Modern drilling solutions

We’ve been working with the world’s major mining companies for over a decade. With a skilled African workforce, our company is available 24/7 to meet all your needs. Our drilling rigs and consumables come from the best suppliers on the market: Schramm, Epiroc, PRD, etc. Truck or crawler-mounted, our rigs adapt with ease to the most difficult ground conditions.

Exploration Drilling

Our local workforce, regularly trained, can be mobilized quickly to meet our customers' requirements. Our technical expertise, safety culture and close link with local communities have set us apart for over 10 years.
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Production Drilling

Thanks to a regularly inspected drilling fleet and our local expertise, we are able to operate anywhere in Africa. These two assets enable us to offer optimum performance on site, while reducing shutdown times. We operate two shifts, morning and evening, to meet your deadlines and optimize our capacity.

Water Drilling

Our water drilling services are mainly dedicated to mining operations. With one of the best safety records in the sector, we remain a reliable choice for our customers. In 2023, we were awarded Safety Champion by GCO Eramet.

Our strengths


Technical expertise

IDC has been involved in several drilling projects in Africa for over a decade. Our experience and the qualifications of our teams enable us to overcome the technical challenges encountered in the various environments in which we operate.

Advanced technology

In 2022, we initiated a multi-year investment program to bring our fleet and equipment up to the best market standards. This long-term investment plan will enable us to offer our customers greater performance and quality. Our fleet is composed of a range of rigs and equipment from the best suppliers on the market: Schramm, AtlasCopco, PRD, Thor, Coretech, etc.

Safety & Environment

We ensure to minimize our impact on the environment and to respect the cultures and traditions of local communities. We work closely with our clients to reduce the impact of our activities on the local ecosystem and to comply with current environmental regulations. Safety is a priority at IDC. We don’t compromise on safety rules, and we are committed to preventing risks at all locations where we operate.

Flexibility & Proximity

Flexible, we act quickly thanks to our decentralized operational structure, our local approach to work, and our proactive management.


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